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Let's have a conversation about ethical coffee + tea.

Unfortunately, many beverages are made unethically with little respect for people and the environment. Drink Justice is focused on promoting local coffee businesses that aim to use more ethical and sustainable practices.

Cura Coffee

Cura Coffee is a company that believes each day brings new hope and should begin with changing lives. Each cup of their fair trade coffee supports the very communities from which it is sourced. With each bag of coffee purchased, Cura is expanding sustainable dental care to under served communities both locally and globally.

Visit to learn more about their mission and purchase some fair trade coffee.




Located in multiple San Diego locations, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters goes beyond the confines of the fair trade structure and engages in direct trade with farmers, and is proud to serve the best coffee, prepared with the utmost respect to those who grew it. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a regular contributor to the international coffee industry and its staff is sought after throughout the world for their coffee expertise. Going beyond the perfect latte, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters has a top-quality roasting program and a deep dive into the selection process and all things coffee.


Kakawa Coffee

Kakawa Coffee is a local San Diego coffee shop that serves fair trade coffee, crafted espresso drinks, breakfast sandwiches, and a variety of vegan and non-vegan pastries. Kakawa is located 10 minutes from the PLNU campus!



Trident Coffee’s mission embodies connecting people and ideas in order to live out our fullest potentials. Trident Coffee creates connections through symbology and storytelling that engage on an emotional level with their customers, distinguishing them from other coffee brands. They directly source their coffee to create a life cycle accountability that is transparent, organic, and empowers coffee partners.



Cafe Virtuoso elevates coffee, people, and the environment by supporting sustainable practices and bringing joy to those who love a good cup of coffee. Located in San Diego, Cafe Virtuoso is committed to serving customers with sustainable principles like using compostable products made with non-harmful organic plant materials. 



Cafe Veloce is an organic fair trade coffee, and their beans are roasted by the oldest, most experienced San Diego Coffee Company in a solar powered green roastery. Located in Pacific Beach, the baristas will help you create a flavorful drink to enjoy!



Cafe Moto is dedicated to the service of the community around them, and is guided by the principles of sustainability, sharing knowledge, and a respectful presentation of the world’s coffee, tea and cocoa. They strive to be a company that makes a lasting positive impact in the places they conduct their business.



Founded in 1994 by Brothers Harry, Carmine and Tom, Ryan Bros Coffee started out as a coffee cart in La Jolla and Old Town, and since then The Ryan Bros have been serving San Diego Coffee. They have a selection of fair trade certified coffee, meeting environmental, labor, and developmental standards.



Donny’s Cafe is dedicated to providing organic, fair trade tea and coffee. More important than coffee to them is serving the community with the love of Christ. As a family business that started in 1995, they provide a variety of hot and iced drinks as well as savory and sweet food options!



Achilles Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster located in San Diego. They continually explore the world for new coffees to roast and share with their customers, and it is their mission to create long and sustainable relationships with coffee producers. Achilles Coffee sources a variety of Organic, Free Trade, and RainForest Alliance (RFA) coffee beans mostly from small farms and co-ops.

Another great way to support local businesses and buy ethically sourced and ethically made beverages is to visit a local farmers market! Check out a list of San Diego farmers markets here.

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