Day 2: Drink Justice

Interested in learning about how you can become a more ethical coffee consumer? Our second day of Wear Justice will be dedicated to highlighting different coffee shops/brands that are fair trade or ethically sourced!


  • 12 - 4 pm- We will have some fair trade coffee (generously donated by Cura Coffee) and Yerba Mate (donated by Guayaki) at our booth outside the Caf for you! Bring your own mug to fill up or get a small sample. 

  • Don’t forget the clothing drive for Homeless Ministries!


  • Tik Tok challenge! 2020 prepared you for this moment… Create a tiktok of your favorite fair trade drink or of your favorite fair trade coffee shop and tag @plnu_official on Tik Tok or @plnucjr on Instagram to win prizes!

Check out the drink justice tab on this website for some of our favorites.

FairTrade Certified.png

Ways to win prizes:

  • Visit our booth outside the Cafeteria

  • Participate in a game

  • Sign up for our mailing list

  • Share today’s post and tag @plnucjr in your story

Brands 6.png
Brands 5.png
Brands 4.png